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Serenity by the sea Spa at Hilton Sandestin Beach Resort,
favorite in Northwest Florida


Come join us for an invigorating way to start or end your day. Sign up today at the Spa front desk, or call us directly at 850-622-9595 (Ext. 3749 in the hotel) The Spa and Fitness Center is located on the lower lobby in the Spa tower of the hotel. We look forward to seeing you!

In addition to the classes listed below, Serenity also offers personal training services. Sessions range from 30-60 minutes and can be purchased individually or in a set of five or ten sessions.

6:30 a.m.
7:30 a.m.
8:30 a.m.
9:00 a.m.
9:30 a.m.
4:00 p.m.
Beach Fit:

A total body workout designed for all fitness levels on the beautiful beaches of South Walton. Perfect for all ages and fitness levels.

WEDNESDAY | 4:00 pm
FRIDAY | 6:30 am

Pilates Flow:

Pilates exercises combined into a flow to increase the intensity of your workout. Continue to strengthen and stretch as you move through a Yoga Flow! Increase strength, balance, coordination and flexibility!

THURSDAY | 07:30 am

Pilates Foundation:

Ideal for beginners and those who want a safe and effective class experience to build a solid foundation. Focus on form and alignment to help you master the fundamentals, so that you can get the most out of your workout as you become more advanced.

TUESDAY | 07:30 am


This class will strengthen, lengthen and tone the entire body. We will start with lower body exercises at barre, transition into resistance training using hand weights and bands and finish with Pilates Mat exercises that will target the core.

THURSDAY | 08:30 am


The flexibility gains from this class can help improve your joint mobility and overall health. As the quality of your tissue improves with the stimulus created by the Myofascial Stretches, you’ll find that you have better posture, greater range of motion, that you are able to perform task with greater ease, and you’ll suffer fewer injuries.

THURSDAY | 08:30 am


Create space in a joint! Ease back, neck, hip and shoulder pain, improve posture, visceral function, and create hydration in the spinal disc. Everybody will benefit from this class!

MONDAY | 08:30 am
TUESDAY | 9:30 am
FRIDAY | 08:30 am

Good Morning Yoga:

Ease your way into the day! Wake up your mind and energize your body. We will strengthen and stretch the body while building heat through Vinyasa and breath.

THURSDAY | 09:30 am

Gentle Yoga:

Relax, stretch and breathe with this mix of Deep Stretches and Gentle Flow. All classes are 50 minutes.

WEDNESDAY | 08:30 am
THURSDAY | 4:00 pm

Better Buns:

All classes are 50 minutes.

TUESDAY | 07:30 am


Yoga and Pilates moves combined to increase strength, balance and flexibility! Great for all levels. PERFECT introduction for beginners. All classes are 50 minutes.

MONDAY | 09:30 am
FRIDAY | 09:30 am

Kick Start Fitness:

Kick start your metabolism first thing in the morning with this fat-blasting cardio kickboxing training session with Serenity's personal trainer, Brian Missirlian.

TUESDAY | 06:00 am
THURSDAY | 06:00 am

Body Tone:

Total body workout designed to tone your body, improve strength and increase balance. Based on bodyweight exercises while utilizing resistance bands and Pilates rings. All fitness levels welcome! (50 min)

WEDNESDAY | 9:30 am
FRIDAY | 09:30 am

Barre Fitness:

Train like a dancer! Improve posture, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility as you tighten and sculpt your entire body with moves from ballet, Pilates and yoga! Great for all levels. Two barre heights.

TUESDAY | 09:30 am
THURSDAY | 09:30 am

Pilates Fusion:

This FUN Pilates based workout will give you a FULL BODY workout and stretch to improve strength, posture, balance and flexibility to leave you sculpted and strong! All classes are 50 minutes.

MONDAY | 07:30 am
THURSDAY | 7:30 am
FRIDAY | 07:30 am

Pilates Yoga Flow:

Get your strength, stretch and cardio workout with this fun and challenging blend of Pilates and Flow Yoga designed to get you lean, long, strong and flexible!

THURSDAY | 07:30 am

Pilates with Bands and Props:

THURSDAY | 08:30 am

Yoga for Balance and Flexibility:

Series of Yoga poses designed to improve balance and increase flexibility and strength. A must for all ages and fitness levels! All classes are 50 minutes.

FRIDAY | 08:30 am/p>

Beachfront Yoga:

Start your day off with an invigorating, full body Yoga Flow and Stretch on our Sunrise Deck. Class held in Spa Yoga Studio in inclement weather.

TUESDAY | 07:30 am
THURSDAY | 08:30 am

Wellness Workout:

This class is designed to strengthen, stretch and focus on proprioception and awareness while improving balance, posture and overall wellbeing.

MONDAY | 09:30 am


An aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.

SATURDAY | 10:00 am

Yoga on the Sunrise Deck:

Start your day with flowing gentle yoga poses and deep stretching sequences that are linked to breath. Cultivate strength, flexibility, and relaxation while taking in the scenic backdrop of South Walton's beautiful beaches.


Pilates Fusion:

This Pilates based workout will give you a full body workout and stretch to improve strength, posture, balance, flexibility and leave you sculpted and strong!

MONDAY | 07:30 am

THURSDAY | 07:30 am

FRIDAY | 07:30 am


Get your beach body ready! Fun head to toe workout done in a circuit format. Resistance training, cardio and strong focus on exercises for the core. This class will help you build muscle and endurance. Motivating playlist that keeps you moving. Sneakers required.

WEDNESDAY | 09:30 am

Fitness Fusion:

Exercise has many perks—and you want them all! ... But it's hard to get that range of benefits from any one type of workout. Join us for the fun and dynamic fusion fitness class. Workout will combine cardio and strength training as well as yoga and Pilates movements.

MONDAY | 09:30 am
FRIDAY | 09:30 am

Power Yoga:

A series of postures designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Designed to focus on the movement and is more authentic in nature.

MONDAY | 08:30 am
TUESDAY | 08:30 am
FRIDAY | 09:30 am

Beachside Yoga:

Come join us on the deck for this easy to follow "yoga flow" class. We will stretch, strengthen, tone and rejuvenate. All levels welcome. This class is outdoors weather permitting.

SATURDAY | 08:00 am

Special Event:

Yoga room reserved for a Special Event.

MONDAY | 07:00 am
FRIDAY | 07:00 am

Information for participants

  • All classes are 50 minutes.
  • All Guests must sign up for Fitness Classes 24 hours in advance.
  • All Cancellations within a 4-hour period and “No Shows” will be charged in full.
  • A Guest must be 16 years of age or older to attend Fitness classes. Identification is required and a guardian will need to sign a waiver.
  • Fitness classes do not include the use of the spa lounge.
  • Hotel Guests and Non-Spa Members pay $15.00 fee for regular classes and $20.00 for Specialty Classes or 12 sessions for $150/20 sessions for $200.

Spa Member Pricing is as follows:

Spa Members Complimentary Classes are Monday through Friday and include: Pilates Mat, Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates Yoga Flow, Body Tone, Transform, Fitness Fusion.

Spa Members pay $10.00 for Specialty and Saturday Classes. Onyx members receive UNLIMITED complimentary Saturday and Specialty Classes per month (excludes Group Personal Training classes).